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Jingeri families.

I am so thrilled to be able to connect with you today to begin our communications. It has been another good day filled with some fantastic bonding and exploring.

Our two regulars, Finley and Noah, were joined by a friend from Babies 1 today, Alexia. This provided an extra layer of learning for the two boys, as she engaged them in her slightly more advanced play. Noah is already showing the benefits of role modelling from his peers today, as he launched off into crawling from a seated position. Finley has discovered how to get up onto the low seat, and climb off backwards safely with his feet first. He was evidently delighted with this success.

Lunchtime pasta was devoured by all to replenish the energy, and long peaceful naps to restore the body and mind. So many new things to see and discover means a lot of new information to process. It is my main focus this week to get our small humans into a healthy and balanced routine from which we can grow and learn together. Connecting with our new friends and feeling safe in the new room.

Look forward to tomorrow.