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Hello families. Today in Babies 2 we were joined by our friends Avery, Tai, Liz, Finley, Max, Jackson and Cameron.

We started our day today as per usual with our morning tea. We are getting so good at sitting still in our chairs at the table and using our words when we would like more food. The children will use the word “more” as well as pointing to gesture they would like more. The children also ask for their drink bottles as soon as they sit down as they know it is part of the routine to drink our water with our food.

Today we were spoiled by Miss Tárn with some new toys that she bought on the weekend. We all sat down on the mat after morning tea and watched as Miss T’arn pulled out one box at a time. These will be our new outside toys so that the children can have some more intentional learning aspects outside as well as inside. After we opened all of our new toys we went outside and set them up.

The children love their outside play as they get to run and climb on the equipment, as well as now enjoy sitting down to enhance their fine motor skills with a new fishing magnet game, shape activities and books.

After, we came inside and enjoyed some yummy lunch and then made our way to our beds. We are getting so good at recognising our beds with our blankets and lying down, understanding it is now rest time.

Have a great day! 😊

Miss Tárn and Miss Jade x