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Jingeri families,

We have been blessed with yet another calm and productive day with our friends Finley, Jackson and Lara today. They are definitely becoming familiar with each other by now, so they engage immediately in co-operative play.

Finley has taken to remodeling the room as he extends his confidence in moving items around the area. he has now moved up to actual pieces of furniture, discovering that he can actually transport the grass pouff-seat by rolling it along. I delightedly compounded his activity by reinforcing the ‘Rolling’ action and connecting it to our letter of the week R. Jackson is all consumed with his new ability to squat down from his standing position, and he is clearly very proud of this achievement.He was also very happy with his new coconut yogurt which we have bought in for him. Lara is moving around more confidently,and trying very hard to pull herself up to standing. I am sure it will be soon.