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♥♥Hello beautiful families of the Babies 2 room♥

Welcome to our fun filled FRIDAY with Miss Jess and Miss Lily♥

This morning all friends enjoyed a big morning play outside in the lovely morning sun with their friends and teachers. When Miss Jess arrived it was time for little ones to come inside to enjoy some scrumptious morning tea before heading to the Babies 1 yard for a BIG play!!!

Our friends LOVED riding the bikes using their strong leg muscles to push along, they also really liked sliding down the slide with glee as they landed in the sandpit. To extend on some lovely sensory play Miss Jess thought the children would really like exploring some goop with rocks, and feathers. Noah, Finley and Cameron had so much fun with this fun sensory activity! They really seemed to like the cool slimy texture on their hands and the feathers and rocks added a nice touch too. Thomas, Jackson and Spencer had a little play but weren’t too sure about the texture, however (Thomas did seem to enjoy spreading the goop on Miss Lily’s pants 😉 haha). Sensory play is a great way for children to explore and investigate as well as enhancing their gross motor skills in a fun and exciting way.

After our morning fun it was then time to come inside for some delicious lunch before we all rested our bodies for this afternoons journey of excitement and adventure.

This afternoon Babies 2 joined with Babies 1 and Babies 3 for the rest of the afternoon♥ Our friends had so much fun exploring new friendships and exploring different environments. To finish off this lovely Friday afternoon, we all headed outside for some FUN and a picnic for afternoon tea with all our friends. Lots of songs were sung, bubbles were blown and many giggles and laughs were shared.

Thank You Babies 2 for today♥

Have a lovely and safe weekend x

Miss Jess and Miss Lily ♥