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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!! We have had such a great day today celebrating DIWALI!! We used some witches brooms that were left over from Halloween and recycled an old enrolment sign and painted on the back of it to create fireworks!!! The children had a ball doing this activity. Miss T’arn poured blotches of different coloured paints all over the sign and told the children to whacked their brooms onto the paint. Paint went everywhere and the children we laughing and had so much fun. Spencer was so excited she was standing on the paint and sliding everywhere. We loved how pretty  this art work was so much we also created smaller ones with the children to display on our classroom wall for the children to see. This was such a fun, creative and messy way to celebrate Diwali today!! Thank you Miss Nads for the idea our babies loved it!

After our messy activity we came inside to sing some songs and get cleaned up before lunch and sleep time. We enjoyed singing “Open Shut Them”, “Tiny Turtle Tim” ” Happy and You Know It” ” 5 Cheeky Monkeys” and “5 Little Ducks.” The children love singing and tell Miss T’arn what song they want to do by doing the actions of the song they want next or by using their words. It’s so nice to see the children engaging in these group times and being apart of it. During our group time Miss Emma came in saying “FIRE, FIRE.” We were having a fire drill. At first the children were a bit scared and confused but it didn’t take long for the children to realize it was fun to go for a ride in the cot, Miss Hope say wheels on the bus to the children as we went to the evacuation point to comfort the children.

Thank you all for an amazing week my friends!! We will see you all next week for lots more fun!!

Much Love Always, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥