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Today we enjoyed a nice Friday morning tea picnic this morning. It was a beautiful morning to have a picnic!! After morning tea the children cleaned their faces with the face washers and then we went inside for a small group time. Today is the last day reading “The Ugly Duckling” as we will be continuing book week next week and reading a different story. When the story was finished the children went to explore the room while Jackson and Thomas did their painting of “The Ugly Duckling.”

After enjoying some time inside the children helped Miss T’arn and Miss Hope to pack away their toys and make their beds. They had so much fun helping. They were bringing the beds to the mat and then their sheets and putting them onto their beds as Miss T’arn directed them to their bed. Miss Hope and Miss T’arn helped them to make their beds and get ready for lunch and bed time. They were all so excited to help and so proud of themselves that they could do it. Allowing the children to help with all aspects of the day gives them a sense of agency. We have seen how capable they are and confident to try everything we encourage them to do. We have noticed the children love having responsibility and being apart of packing away after meal times and packing their toys and beds away and making their beds for sleep time.

Next Friday is Book Week Dress up!! Please bring your child dressed up as their favourite book character, all educators will also be dressed up next Friday!

I will be putting a poster up with details about our Halloween Party, so please look out for that for all the details! We have so many fun and exciting things planned!!!

Have an amazing weekend!

♥♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥