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Hello families

Welcome to Babies two. Miss. T’arn and Miss.Hansani welcomed Liz, Spencer, Cameron, Finley, Noah, Jackson, Thomas and Max in the morning. We started our day singing some songs and watching some nice dancing moments as most of our children are enjoying songs now. After that children had their morning tea on the floor sitting around Miss. T’arn. Everyone enjoyed having their morning tea like a picnic in a corner of our room. Miss. Hansani brought some new toys into Babies two today. All the children were so excited to unpack and see what is inside. Children have been choosing to explore the dinosaur first touching and observing them. Then we have been engaging with threading the wooden animals to develop our fine motor skills. Finley was extremely interested on that activity. Then we had some more fun with bubbles. Finley, Thomas, Noah and Jackson were happily engaged with blowing bubbles. Liz, Max and Spencer loved to pop them all. After that children have been engaging with play dough time as a group time activity. Children enjoyed sitting together around the table and follow the instructions to create shapes and animals using the plastic cutters. It was a great opportunity to develop and implement their fine motor skills.

Children have been choosing to play outside in the afternoon with Babies tree friends in the big play yard. Jackson, Noah, Thomas, Cameron, Finley and Max enjoyed throwing and kicking the balls around the yard. Girls also joined with the boys after their morning sleeps. We will be exploring more outdoor activities such as sand pit, obstacle courses and tricycles in the afternoon.

It has been an amazing day as we were all wearing our comfy pajamas to kindy.

Have a lovely day….

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss. T’arn …..