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We have had a fantastic day here in Babies 2 today! As the sun was up we decided to have a play outdoors while it wasn’t raining. All the children were looking over the fence to the toddlers yard so we thought it’d be a good idea to have a small play in their yard while they were indoors. The children had so many fun activities to choose from  like going up and through the obstacle course, sliding down the slides, saying “hello” to the horses, playing with the taps at the sink and riding the bikes through the yard. They loved playing in the water and wetting each other. Liz just sat in the sink and turned the tap on to enjoy the water. All the children had a turn at going across the net bridge, they are so confident now and go through so quickly. Liz, Noah, Cameron, and Max were jumping while on the bridge and laughing. It was so much fun!! 

After having a little play outside we came in for some morning tea and activities inside. Today we ripped open a bag of shredded paper and threw it all over the floor for the children to explore. They were all excited laughing and throwing the paper over each other. We turned on some music and we had a dance party, dancing and playing with the shredded paper. We listened to Baby shark 4 times and the wiggles. Thomas, Noah and Jackson enjoyed doing the dance moves to “rock a bye a bear”.  We had so much fun today and enjoyed our last Friday together!!! 

We hope you all have a great weekend!! See you on Monday!!

♥♥Much Love Miss T’arn and Miss Hope♥♥