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Good Afternoon Babies 2!!! We have had such a fun busy day today. We had our friend Scarlett from Babies 1 join us today. She has had such an amazing day in our classroom and all her babies 2 friends made her feel welcome. Outside all the children found different things they were interested in. Miss T’arn, Thomas, Finley and Scarlett enjoyed looking at the horses in the paddock whilst Jackson and Noah were interested in the climbing beam. Thomas, Finley, and Noah were taking some risks with climbing on the wooden bench outside with Miss T’arn standing close by. Thomas was so proud of himself. Thomas, Jackson, Noah, and Finley raced the tricycles around the yard smiling and giggling at one an another. Spencer was happy outside playing with the shovel, she was trying to dig up the ground.

As you are all aware, we now have a no shoes policy within our babies 1 & 2 classrooms. This is just for when we are inside, can you please make sure that their shoes and socks are still in their bags for when we go outside as it is quite cold outdoors, especially in the mornings and afternoons. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come, talk to me. Thank you, T’arn.


In the morning, the children enjoyed exploring the classroom, Finley and Noah went straight to our new resources that we opened yesterday to show their friends what we have. Thomas was watching Noah banging the wood pieces into the holes with the hammer. Finley brought all our cars out to show Scarlett and Spencer. Jackson was looking at our new puzzles and how new shelf with all the cars and trucks on it.

 Group Times

Miss Lilly sat on the mat with some books to read to the class. Spencer, Scarlett, and Thomas really enjoyed this story time and sat some nicely listening to Miss Lilly reading. They especially “Peppa Pig and the Easter Egg Hunt.” Thomas was pointing to pepper pig and showing Miss Lilly

What I enjoyed today

Jackson, Noah, and Finley enjoyed being outside, climbing and riding the bikes. They all played so nicely together. Thomas and Scarlett enjoyed the watching the horses in the paddock. Spencer loves being outside. She is always so happy when the doors open!