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Happy Friday to you all and welcome to our day in the Babies room 2♥

What an adventurous and exciting Friday it has been with your little treasures♥

Today Miss Jess and the wonderful Miss Lily welcomed your bright treasures to a fun filled day. We started the morning off combined with the Babies 1 and 3 friends before separating into our own rooms for some scrumptious morning tea before the great journey ahead on this breezy Friday.

What we did today –

After morning tea our friends enjoyed a great big play in the open yard area where the climbing obstacles are! Noah and Finley went straight to the bridge! They both really enjoy jumping up and down on the bridge making lots of loud and cool sounds! Finely and Noah also enjoy climbing the rocky bridge before they use their strong muscles to push the blue frame trough with wheels. Cameron explored the zebra walker as he is becoming more and more confident each time when using the walker and using his strong legs to walk a mile. Thomas was happy to sit with his teacher and take in the beautiful outdoor environment and fresh cool air. After their big play in the open yard our friends proceeded to keep their journey going as they explore the babies 1 outdoor area.

Noah, Thomas and Finley were very happy to self select toys of their interest as they pick them out from the boxes. Cameron and Thomas found the cars to be a lot of fun, while our friends Finely and Noah grabbed out some sandpit toys. Just before lunch time Miss Jess thought it would be a lot of fun to do some group painting together with their HANDS!!! All friends LOVED this! They really enjoyed the messy, cold and wet play with their friends making an amazing art piece.

After lunch it was then time for some of our friends to rest their bodies for the afternoon ahead.

Jackson and Thomas explored throughput the room while their friends were sleeping, they both saw Miss Jess making a tower with the soft blocks, this then sparked an interest for them and they both came over to play with Miss Jess. Jackson grabbed the animal book out to look through, so Miss Jess read the story to them before they explored more of their room. ♥

This afternoon, after afternoon tea all our friends headed outside for a lovely afternoon spent with their friends and teachers.

Thank You Babies 2 for today,

Have a safe and lovely weekend.

Miss Jess and Miss Lily.