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  ˜Fun Day Friday˜

Hello all families and friends! Welcome to our fabulous Friday here in the Babies room 2♥

Today Miss Jess spent the day with your gorgeous little beans and it was so lovely.

This morning started off with a big play in our beautiful outdoor environment with all our friends. Some friends enjoyed playing with the mini sandpit in a clear box. Finley liked picking out the little bits of bark before he showed Miss Jess what he had found. It was not long before our friends found the awesome cow bikes and push alongs!! Finely, Noah and Ariana had a ball of a time zooming along with laughter. Ride on toys for young children and push along toys are great for them as it helps develop their balance, coordination skills and helps with their mobility!

It was then time to come inside for some morning tea.

Miss Jess was very amazed by how confident they were with self feeding! They ate all their yummy morning tea up and made sure their tummies were satisfied.

There was a lot of interest for free crayon drawing this morning outside so Miss Jess thought she would continue it on in the room. They all enjoyed letting their creativity flow as they scribbled on the paper. Free drawing for children helps improve their hand and eye coordination as well as enhancing on their fine motor skills such as movement of the wrists, hands and fingers.

After our morning of creativity Miss Jess than read a book which had a variety of different animals and insects in it. All were so intrigued by all BUT Finley showed great interest for the SPIDER!! He LOVED it. Miss Jess than sang the ”Incy Wincy Spider” song and all enjoyed.

Lunch timeeeee!!! All children were eager to have some scrumptious lunch before they rested their bodies and reenergized for this afternoons whirl of fun.

Throughout the room and day children found lots of different toys to play with such as Thomas had so much fun playing with the sensory bottle and pushing the cow bike along. The foam blocks were liked by the children as the helped Miss Jess build a colorful tower.

This afternoon after children had afternoon tea, before they all headed outside for a glorious time.

Thank you Babies 2 for today ♥

Have a safe and lovely weekend to you all.

Miss Jess.