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Today during our outdoor play, the children were greeted with a few different balls put over the fence from the toddler’s yard. This especially excited Cameron and Jackson as they were the first to run to the soft balls lying in the yard. Cameron picked up the biggest walking with it to show Miss Jade, while Jackson showed his skills by holding two balls at a time, dropping one to kick it, and then the other. Every time Jackson picked up the ball he called “Ball!” to Miss Jade, laughing  Finley, Spencer and Thomas loved to watch them kick and throw the balls, chasing after them as they rolled down the yard. Noah and Finley enjoyed playing on the balance beam as well. Testing their balance to walk up rather than crawl.

Finley and Spencer also enjoyed the books outside, asking Miss Jade and Miss Jordan to read to them, pointing out the identifiable pictures, such as the red chicken which lays the golden eggs in Jack and the Bean Stalk. Finley copied Miss Jade when she said “buck buck” to imitate the sounds of a chicken.

Jackson also loved to zoom around on the bike, up and down the length of the yard. He would say “weee!” when using his legs to push the bike forward.


This morning the children enjoyed dancing and singing. We listened to the wiggles and Thomas does the dance moves he knows to the songs and Noah was busting out some very cool moves! Spencer, Thomas, and Jackson enjoyed some shaving foam play after morning tea. Thomas was covered in the shaving foam, he loved it! Jackson was a little unsure at first, he would touch it and then wipe his hand on the floor. Each time he would put a little more into his hand. Spencer too was unsure of the shaving foam, with a little encouragement she then put her hand into the shaving foam and then shook her hand, this made the shaving foam fly across the table. This made Spencer and the other children giggle. Finley loves the cars he brought the red car to Miss T’arn and said “Blue.” Miss T’arn said “This is the red car, the blue car is over there on the mat” he then took the red car put it back on the mat and came back over with the blue car and again said “blue” Miss T’arn said “yes Finley, that is the blue car”. He looked so happy and walked away with a big smile.

 Group Times

Miss Jordan was reading stories to the children outside. Thomas, Finley, Noah, and Spencer loved story time today. They were listening to Miss Jordan very nicely, using great listening ears. They were interacting and pointing to the pictures as she read to them.

What I enjoyed today

The children enjoyed being outside today. As soon as Miss Jade opened the doors they ran outside. We have had a lovely Friday!! Have a great Weekend, See you all next week!