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Hello families and welcome to our fabulous Friday here in the Babies room 2♥

Today your superstars were welcomed by Miss Jess and Miss Lily!

Today the children had a lovely Friday to end the week on and I look forward to sharing with you♥

This Morning the children had a lovely start as they were exploring their outdoor environment and all it has to offer. The bubbles were a favorite as they liked watching the bubbles float on by before they popped!! Noah and Finely were eagerly trying to catch them. Finley showed Miss Jess and Miss Lily how clever he was as he blew bubbles!!! We were so amazed at his awesome skill!  Miss Jess sang “I Had A Tiny Turtle” as it extends on with the bubble fun.

After morning tea, seeing as the children enjoyed exploring with the bark yesterday Miss Jess decided to continue with it today as Noah was picking up the bark and playing with it. Finely and Noah enjoyed feeling the different texture that was inside the bowl. They also enjoyed scooping and mixing around the bark too! This enhances on their fine motor skills as they use their wrists, hands and fingers. Our friends Noah, Finely and Cameron enjoyed reading books outside in the fresh cool air while Spencer was enjoying exploring around.

Before lunch Miss Jess and Miss Lily thought it would be so lovely to spend some time using our gross motor skills and strength to climb the climbing frames! Spencer enjoyed the walker as well as Cameron! Spencer also tried the climbing frame but was not so sure about it. Finely and Noah had so much FUN climbing, jumping and running around in the big open yard! Cameron is definitely  becoming more confident in his progress walking while using the help of a walker and a teachers hand. All children had a lovely time in the outdoors ♥

It was then time to come inside and eat our scrumptious lunch before our friends drifted off to a lovely sleep resting their bodies for this afternoon. Meanwhile our friend Spencer happily explored throughout the room and self selecting toys of her interest either from the shelves or boxes. Spencer seemed to really LOVE the sensory bottle as she was amazed by it. The cars, bus and soft animals were enjoyed by Spencer too.

This afternoon, after afternoon tea – All children headed outside for a fun time with their friends and teachers to perfectly end their week here in the Babies room 2♥

Thank You all for today,

Have a beautiful and safe weekend.

Miss Jess and Miss Lily♥