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HELLO babies 2!

We have had a great day in babies 2 today! In the morning we explored some sensory play using GOOP, which is just corn flour and water mixed together to make a slimy, gooey consistency. Cameron LOVED this activity, he was smiling, touching, tasting and had the Goop everywhere!! It was so much fun watching him enjoy this sensory activity. Noah was curious with this activity, he watched on at first to see what was going on, with a little bit of encouragement he came of to touch the Goop. He gave me a big smile. Finley didn’t like the sensory play today, when Miss T’arn put a little bit onto his hand he asked her to wipe it off. He then just observed Cameron and Noah playing. Jackson was curious to see what the children were doing. He came to investigate. Miss T’arn put a little in front of him but he just looked at it and continued to watch the other children explore.

Thomas and Spencer enjoyed playing with some sand in the sensory table outside today. They were picking the sand up in their hands and dropping it back into the table. They enjoyed watching the horses in the paddock, pointing and showing Miss Lilly. Miss Lilly told them they were horses and the sound horses make.

Overall we have had a great, busy Friday in the babies 2 room today! We cant wait to see you all again next week for some more fun! Have a great weekend everyone, we will see you next week!

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Lilly x