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We have had such a beautiful Friday in the Babies 2 room today!! We spent the morning outside. Noah, Thomas, Jackson, and Spencer took turns to go inside to do the Foil glitter art experience we have been doing this week. They did an amazing job painting the glue on the paper and using their fingers to sprinkle the glitter on the foil. After they finished their art activity we enjoyed making some yellow goop in the under cover area of the yard for a fun sensory experience. Miss T’arn asked the children if they would like to do goop play and Finley and Noah yelled “yes!” Miss T’arn then asked the children what colour goop we should make, Finley said “yellow.”  We made some Pastel yellow goop for the children to explore. They had so much fun putting their hands, feet and bodies in the goop. All the children came to touch the goop. Liz, Finley, Thomas and Max loved putting the goop all over their bodies and in their hair. They thought it was so funny. Spencer, Jackson and Cameron enjoyed using their hands to pick up and fell the goop in their fingers. Noah liked the feeling of the goop on his feet, he liked to stand in the tray of goop. This was a super fun activity and all the children really enjoy it. After we finished playing with the goop it was time to get cleaned up. Some of the children were asking Miss T’arn for a shower to clean the goop off. We got all cleaned up and went inside for some yummy lunch. We decided it was best to sleep inside today as it is another hot day outside. The children are still having a nice long sleep in the cool room getting their energy up for the rest of the day and for their weekends!! 

We hope you all have an amazing weekend! Thank you all for a fun week friends!! Next week is recycling week, if you have any recycling items at home please bring them in to share with the class for some recycling activities we have planed for next week!! 

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥