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Good Afternoon Babies 2!!

We have had a great day playing inside and outside today. Skyla found all our small coloured balls in the basket in our room and tipped the basket upside down so all the balls fell out. She gave Miss T’arn a big smile and then began throwing the balls all over the mat with a big smile. Halle, Thomas, and Noah enjoyed playing with the sand in the sand table and feeling the sand in between their fingers! Cameron and Liz enjoyed reading books in the fresh air on the mat. We have so many new books to read now!!

Tairongo had a visit with Toddlers 2 again today! He is settling into his new classroom so well and building relationships with his new teachers and friends. We are so happy that Tai is settling so well, we do miss him dearly. We are so glad we can see Tairongo in the yard when he is outside, he always comes over to say hello to us. Well Done with your transitions Tai!!

The children enjoyed reading books, playing on the slide, doing the stacking rings, playing in the sandpit and doing some art using our feet! We painted the Aboriginal Flag onto the bottom of the children’s feet and stamped them on the paper. This was a great activity for the children to experience sensory play with different parts of their bodies. Noah giggled when Miss Hansani was painting his foot, the paint was a little cold and it tickled. Thomas was unsure and kept looking over at Miss T’arn as if to say “what is happening”! Cameron did not like the paint going onto his foot but was very intrigued to watch when the paint then ended up on the paper when Miss Hansani put his foot down on the paper. We are trying to offer the children different ways to build their Sensory Development. We loved that we found away to incorporate Indigenous Culture at the same time! We are loving our Indigenous artwork!! Our wall is looking amazing.

Have a great evening everyone!!

Much Love Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani xx