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We have had such a great day today. Miss Hansani and Miss T’arn welcomed Valencia and Olive this morning. We enjoyed spending the morning in Babies 3 before going into Babies 2 to start our day and get ready for Morning Tea. Before Morning tea, Valencia and Olive went into the bathroom with Miss Hansani to wash their hands. They both stood on the step by the sink so that they could reach, they did an amazing job washing their hands with soap and rubbing their hands together, after washing their hands with the soap they rinsed their hands under the water until all the soap was gone. They then dried their hands with the paper towel before going to sit at the table! Amazing! Valencia and Olive have also been working on their self-help skills during mealtimes. They use their spoon to feed themselves. This is great for their Fine-Motor development and Hand-eye Co-ordination skills.

After Morning Tea we got cleaned up and brought out the coloured pasta activity. We chose the colours red and blue for Australia Day tomorrow. They both really enjoyed playing with the pasta and rubbing their hands in it to hear the sound it makes when the pasta hits each other. They also liked to pick up pieces of pasta and try to put their fingers in the end of it. We then packed the pasta away together and sat on the mat to read a story. We read “the very cranky bear five in the bed” puppet book. When Miss T’arn showed them the sheep Olive said “Baaa” and “roared” at the Lion. Super cute!

Valencia enjoyed doing an egg carton painting and copied Miss Hansani putting paint on the egg carton and did it herself. After lots of fun inside we opened the doors for some outdoor play before lunch. They had so much fun talking to the Toddlers and Olive got to see her Big Brother Abel. Valencia had so much fun on the Seesaw and bike while Olive practiced her climbing.

Thank you so Much for an amazing day!!

Enjoy your Australia Day Tomorrow!!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani ♥♥