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Hello families

Welcome to babies two. It has been a beautiful Monday with all our babies. Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn welcomed Finley, Noah, Thomas, Tairongo, Liz, Skyla and Halle.

We started our day having morning tea and exploring indoor activities after that. Children have been choosing to play as their interest. Children loved exploring the sensory bottles, the dinosaurs, sharks, whales, and dolphins. They enjoyed sharing and wait for their turn to have a close look. Then we have been engaging with a puzzle time gathering all the puzzle on the mat and matching all the pieces together.

Children have been engaging with a painting session today. Miss. Hansani painted their palm with different colours so they can squeeze the paint and feel it as a sensory activity. Then we put their handprints on a paper to create a flower. Children could not wait to have their turn. They loved it.

Children have been choosing to play outside before the sleep time today. Children explored and enjoyed rocking on the boat, riding the bicycles, playing with the balls and climbing on the beam. Then we headed to the sand pit as our children were so interested to play with their friends from next door.

Have a lovely day…

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn ……