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Good Afternoon everyone, we have had such a beautiful morning. We spent the morning outside using the obstacle course, blowing bubbles, kicking, and throwing the balls, running, pushing the mower, and playing on the seesaws with Babies 3. We had so much fun in the beautiful sunny weather working on our Gross Motor Skills. Tairongo liked playing with the football, Noah enjoyed climbing and runny around, Skyla liked playing with the bubbles and sunbathing with Miss Yena, Finley had so much fun going up and down the slide and Cameron enjoyed pushing the mower around in the big open space.


Inside Skyla enjoyed doing some sponge and Paintbrush paintings. This afternoon we will be doing some Shaving Foam play. Skyla had lots of fun playing with the Lego blocks and the abacus puzzle. We will be doing some indoor activities in the afternoon such as building towers, playing with the wild animals, and the trucks.

Group Times

We had a nice time reading some books together during the quite time. The obstacle course yard was a nice opportunity to implement and develop our gross motor skills.

What I enjoyed today

Children enjoyed both indoor and outdoor activities during the day. They were extremely interested to explore the obstacle yard with babies three friends.

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Tárn