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Welcome to babies two

Good afternoon everyone, Today has been a wonderful day. Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn welcomed Liz, Halle, Finley, Noah, Cameron, Thomas and Tairongo with big cuddles in the morning. We started our day having some watermelon and yummy smoothie for our morning tea. children enjoyed implementing their self-help skills during the morning teatime as they can hold the spoons to feed by themselves.

The children enjoyed lots of different indoor and outdoor activities this morning. We kept the doors open so the children can choose activities as their interest. Children enjoyed reading books, puzzles and shaking sensory bottles as indoor experiences. cars, dinosaurs, sea animals, pushing each other in the trolley and taking turns, bicycles, climbing beam, and seesaw were the most popular outdoor experiences.

After washing our hands, everyone sat around the table nicely and had lots of water while we were waiting for our lunch. Sleep time…. Today Finley, Noah, Cameron, Thomas and Tairongo went to sleep on their big stretcher beds beautifully. You all have done a grate job.

We will be engaging with some dancing and a story time in the afternoon. We thought that it would be nice to share our art walls in babies 2 as you can’t come in and see your child’s art works at the moment.

Have a lovely day