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Good Afternoon, Finley, Max, Cameron, and Noah spent the morning outside in the Babies 1 & 2 yard with their Babies 3 friends. They had lots of fun in the sandpit and playing on the slide. Max and Cameron like pushing the trolleys and running superfast. We had a picnic lunch outside today. Kennedy and Ivy from toddlers asked if they could come into our yard to see the babies. Spencer was very fascinated with the girls and sat with them at the table. The children really loved having lunch outside and watching the birdies. They enjoyed some yummy pizza and veggies. Yummm!!

Halle, Avery, and Spencer had some quiet time while the other children were sleeping. They found some Lego blocks, cars, buses, animals, and balls to play with. They enjoyed the quiet time and played so nicely. Halle liked banging the blocks together. Spencer was interested in everything; she was moving around everywhere having a look at all the toys. Avery likes the cars and pushing them around the room and on the table.

We had a lot of fun outside today. It is very nice weather and they were all so happy outdoors.

Thank you for a beautiful day Babies 2! Have a great evening!

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Otavia xx