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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

We have had such a great wet weather day inside today. We enjoyed a yummy morning tea and then went to enjoy the climbing equipment on the mat. Due to the wet weather outside the children miss being able to do their gross motor activities so it was a fun way to include outside play, inside. They were so excited to do their climbing and also enjoyed using the slide for their cars. They really enjoyed this whilst Miss T’arn set up some Flour play for the children to enjoy. They were extremely excited for this fun messy play experience. They all came running to the table to see what was on there. They started off a little cautious and just touched it gently with their fingers and hands. Finley said to Miss T’arn that it was “messy” when he noticed some flour on the floor. She reassured him it was okay and that we would clean it up after we finished playing. They all started brushing the flour everywhere, putting it in their hair, feeling it on their feet, and throwing it everywhere. Miss T’arn showed them how to make snow angels in the flour. They all started laughing and joined in. The children loved this activity so much and kept asking for more and more flour on the table. After we cleaned up all the flour we made our beds and sat at the table ready for lunch. While we were waiting for lunch and everyone was starting to get a bit tired Miss T’arn asked the children what song we should sing and Finley said “wheels on the bus” Liz and Halle began doing “open shut them” actions with their hands so we sang those 2 songs first. We also sang “if you’re Happy and You Know it”, “Tiny Turtle Tim”, “rock a bye a bear” and “Dingle dangle scarecrow”. 

Please stay safe in this weather everyone!! 

Last Friday of the year tomorrow!!! Can’t wait to see you all!! 

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥