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We have had such a great day today!! It was super hot outside today, we put our hats and sunscreen on and enjoyed some splashing in the water. Miss T’arn added some blue die to the water. They all said “WOW!!” while watching the water turn blue. It was a great way to cool down on such a hot day!! Noah, Finley, Max and Avery just wanted to climb into the table to sit in the water. After water play we put on some dry clothes and went through to the babies 3 yard for a play with our babies 3 friends. Cameron, Max and Avery enjoyed pushing the trolley around the yard while Halle and Liz enjoyed playing in the sandpit. Noah had fun kicking and chasing the ball with some of his friends from babies 3.

We came inside to cool down. We sat at the table and enjoyed some yummy burgers for lunch and got ready for sleep time. We were all so tired after our busy morning.

We hope you all have a great evening. See you tomorrow!!!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥