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Good Afternoon Everyone!!! We have had such a busy day full of fun activities in Babies 2 today! We also welcomed our new friend Avery into our classroom! She has settled in so well and has enjoyed her first day with us! Welcome Avery!!!

Outside Miss T’arn noticed that Finley, Avery and Noah weren’t playing with the Lego blocks but kept throwing them onto the floor. Miss T’arn then joined them at the table and began showing them how to put the Lego together to build a tower. Finley had a big smile on his face and copied what Miss T’arn had done and started to build the Lego into a big tower. He was so proud of himself. Noah watched on as Miss T’arn and Finley built a tall tower. He began to pick up some Lego and stack them together. He was so happy when he too made a tall tower. It was so nice to see them playing with the Lego instead of throwing them onto the ground. Avery, Finley and Noah noticed that their friend Ariana was standing at the gate, they all were so excited and ran over to the fence to give her a cuddle and say hello. Ariana said “Noah!!!” as he ran towards her. This was a beautiful interaction between the friends.


We spent the morning exploring our new resources that Miss Emma ordered us for our classroom. We got some new car, Red, Yellow, Green and a Blue. We got two new puzzles, one is shapes and one is a tractor and we also got a wooden hammer and pins set for the children to practice hammering. These activities are great for the children that are in our classroom. These age appropriate activities are great for their Fine Motor Skills development and hand-eye co-ordination. The children also enjoyed playing with our new train track and trains that we opened this week and added to our classroom. Yesterday Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani rearranged our classroom for a nice change and the children have loved it. This gives the children a bigger play space and makes it easier for the children to see each activity, I have seen that the children are playing much better with the resources.

Group Times

Miss T’arn sat down with the children and our new activities and showed the children how to use them all. Noah was so happy about the hammer and began hammering away. Finley was concentrating on the shape puzzle. He did an amazing job putting all the pieces onto the puzzle board! Avery liked all the new cars. She liked spinning the wheels around in her fingers and rolling them on the floor.

I hope you all have a great evening

Much Love Miss T’arn x