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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

What a great day we have had!! It was nice to see all the costumes today! We had such a fun day exploring indoors and outdoors today. The children were super happy exploring the environments and finding their favourite activities. We enjoyed watching the rain outside today. Noah, Max, Cameron and Finley thought it was fun to stand at the fence and feel the drops of rain hit them. Miss T’arn sang “rain rain go away” to the children as they watched the rain. Noah and Avery loved sitting inside the box chatting and giggling away and playing peek a boo with Spencer and Finley who were standing on the outside of the box and poking their heads in. Halle and Liz enjoyed climbing and practicing their Gross Motor Skills.

The children were very surprised when they seen Miss T’arn’s costume this morning. Max couldn’t stop giggling at her. He thought she looked very funny. Finley liked to point to all the features on her costume “eyes, nose, mouth, hair.” We had lots of fun with the camera and everyone was saying cheese! 

Tomorrow is Loud Shirt Day to support children who are deaf or have hearing needs please wear your most brightest colourful shirts!! 

Thank you all for an amazing day!! See you all tomorrow!!!!