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Hi families! I hope you are all having a fantastic Thursday.

Today in Babies 2 we had 4 friends! Noah, Finley, Max and Cameron.

We had such a fun day today with lots of climbing, running and digging around in the bark. Our friends were very interested in the books today so we all sat down and Miss Danna read “Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt”, “Places to go” and “The ABC’s Book of Feelings”. We then filled up the metal bowl full of bark and took turns sitting in it, while one of our friends were sitting in it the rest of us were playing with the trough that was filled with the bark too, scooping it up with spoons, bowls and shovels.

We all transitioned inside and washed our hands for morning tea which was yummy muesli slice, bananas and apples! We ate it allll up and were ready for another play. We then had a nice play inside where we were loving the tent, Noah and Finley were playing peekaboo by hiding and then crouching to see their friend inside. Cameron was really enjoying the planes and trucks, pushing them around on the floor. We decided since it was nice and warm outside that we would do indoor outdoor so the children could choose where they wanted to play, Max decided he would go outside and play with the bark, filling up the bowl and tipping it back out.

We then went inside for lunch, which was delicious pasta and salad, the children ate the entire bowl of pasta and all the salad too! I think this must be their favourite lunch for sure! Once their bellies were full it was time for them to go off to dreamland which they were all ready for after their big morning of play.

This afternoon we will go back outside, perhaps for a play in the babies 1 yard so we can have a play in the sandpit!

See you all tomorrow!

Lots of love, Miss Danna xxx