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Good afternoon families and friends and welcome to our day here in the Babies room 2 ♥

This morning started outside in the beautiful outdoors with all our friends. We ventured to the Babies 1 yard to explore so much more. Finley and Noah LOVED the rocking dinosaurs as well as the push along toys, their laughter and smiles were contagious as they were having so much joy. Miss Jess had a surprise for all friends as she set up the jumping castle for all the little ones in the top building to have a great time jumping around! Noah, Finley and Ariana had SO much FUN!! Max wasn’t so sure about it but he did have a little go before jumping off. The bouncy castle is a great way to help with balance and coordination and for the children to have a joyful time♥

Miss Jess played some mini running games with your little munchkins and they LOVED the big open space in the big yard. They were all happily smiling away and running with a smile that couldn’t be wiped off. It was then time for us to head inside for some scrumptious morning tea and a big drink of water. Soon after we got cleaned and explored throughout the variety of toys through out the room. The books were a hit as Miss Jess sat down to read a few and all her friends joined her. The animal book was a favorite as Miss Jess went through the different type of animals in the book and did the sound. Some friends than copied back the sounds. Clever little munchkins♥  Reading to children helps widen their language and much more.

Lunch timeeeeeeee!! All children had some delicious nachos!! All children did so well at self feeding it was lovely to see. Once all tummies were satisfied, Miss Jess helped tidy up before we all got ready to rest our bodies for a full energized afternoon ahead♥

This afternoon all children spent their afternoon adventuring their outdoor environment with their friends and Babies 1 yard ♥

Thank You Babies 2 for today, it has been a pleasure indeed♥

Have a lovely evening and I will see you all tomorrow and for those that aren’t here,

I hope you have a lovely and safe weekend.

Miss Jess♥