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Welcome to babies two.

We had such an amazing day in babies today with Liz, Avery, Halle, Spencer, Finley, Noah, Cameron, Tairongo and Max. children explored both indoor and outdoor experiences all day. We had some fruits and pancakes for morning tea and started our day exploring indoor activities. Children were so excited to find their favourite toys from the baskets such as balls, sensory bottles, dinosaurs, sea creatures, puzzles and the recycling tubs. Babies three friends also joined with us for morning play. It was nice to see our children share the toys and being friendly with their friends from next door.

Then we headed to the outdoor yard to explore all new resources Miss.T’arn bought us yesterday. Children were so excited to go through the new books and point out the pictures while we were sitting on the mat. It was nice to see that all our babies learn so many wards and talk many words during the day. Stacking the rings and shapes was their favourite experience today. It gave them opportunity to develop their fine motor skills.

Miss.T’arn brought an amazing idea to continue our Torres Strait Islander celebration doing some painting today. We painted the Aboriginal Flag on a window using Black, Red and yellow colours. Children were so interested to paint the window as they got more space to implement their skills. Children loved this new experience.

  • DON’T FORGET jeans for genes day tomorrow!! Don’t forget to wear your jeans tomorrow!!
  • Reminder, if you could please remember to have 2 or 3 sets of spare clothes for your child in their bag as we do artwork that can be messy even through our art t shirts and they get messy at meal times even through the bibs and in case of any accidents. Thankyou

Have a lovely day…