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Good Afternoon, we enjoyed most of the morning inside today due to the rain. Finley, Noah, and Cameron sat with Miss T’arn and Miss Jordan on the mat. We found some of our favourite activities and had a quiet morning, very engaged in activities. Finley found the Ambulance car and filled it up with the small cars, driving it around the room. Noah found the wooden box with the circle holes that you push small wooden balls through, Noah likes to do this activity is pleased that he can push the balls through. Cameron enjoys playing with the xylophone and posting the wooden pieces into the wood. Avery and Max had a nice morning sleep with the cold raining day.

It cleared up a bit outside just before lunch, we opened the doors for a bit of outdoor play before lunch and sleep. Max and Avery were so happy to be outside and playing in the tent. Noah and Finley enjoyed the seesaw and Cameron had fun pushing the bikes. After a play outside we came inside for some yummy Pizza!

Miss Jordan sat on the mat reading Peppa Pig to Avery, Max, Finley, Noah, and Cameron heard her reading the story and came over to see. They all sat and watched and listened to the story, pointing to the pictures on the page.

Everyone enjoyed the quiet day exploring the indoor activities. Avery and Max had a nice time playing together while their friends were sleeping.

Have a great evening everyone!! See you all tomorrow

Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Jordan x