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Good Afternoon everyone!! We have spent most of our morning outdoors today. We spent the first part of our morning in our yard doing indoor outdoor play. We then went to have a play in babies 1 and babies 3 yard with the babies 3 children. We had so much fun playing in the sandpit, riding bikes, playing on the seesaws, and playing with our babies 3 friends. We noticed that the toddler yard was empty and decided that babies 2 and babies 3 could have a little play in the toddler yard before lunch time. The children were so excited, they raced in and started climbing on the playground, riding bikes, playing in the big sandpit, and swinging on the swing. Everyone had so much fun in the toddler yard and did not want to come inside for lunch!

The children did not spend much time inside today, they all preferred to be outdoors. Although Halle enjoyed some quiet time in the room while everyone was sleeping. She had so much fun sitting by the window shaking the shakers and playing with the little animals. Halle has settled so well in our classroom. All her new friends have made her feel so welcome. Halle has started to build strong relationships with her teachers.

When we were in the babies 1- & 3-yard Miss Yena had an activity outside using ice and animals. Noah, Finley, Tairongo, and Thomas were extremely interested and went to watch what our babies 3 friends were doing.

Everyone enjoyed the Toddler yard the most today. We always have so much fun out there. Its amazing to see our babies try new things and build their confidence to try new challenging activities.

Have a great evening! See you all tomorrow

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani