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Happy Afternoon Babies 2!!

Today we have had a great day, we left the doors open in our classroom for free flow play. This is great for the children to choose where they would like to play. Throughout the morning the children explored the climbing beam, bikes and lawn mower. it was such beautiful weather outside, the children were happy playing together in the sunshine. Before lunch everyone moved inside to play with the cars, legos, balls and to read books with Miss Lilly. Thomas, Finely, Skyla and Noah were so intrigued during this story time.

I have noticed the children’s interest in climbing and pushing or riding bikes. In our daily program I have added things to our play to encourage the children’s interest. We have been using a table for eating instead of high chairs as I believe this is gives them the opportunity to leave the table when they are finished. This also allows them to communicate with the educators either by body language (standing up, pointing to the washers, handing us their plates or drink bottles) or verbally. To redirect the children from climbing on the table in the classroom I have added climbing equipment to the yard. The children are loving it!

We have had an amazing day in babies 2! I hope you all have a great evening.

Love Miss T’arn and Miss Lilly x