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Good afternoon everyone

Welcome to babies two. We had such an amazing day in babies two with Liz, Halle, Skyla, Finley, Noah, Max, Thomas and Cameron today.

We started our day having morning tea. children enjoyed some fruits and muffins outside while we were sitting on the mat. Then all our children started to explore the outdoor yard as it was nice and warm. Some of our babies enjoyed reading books with Miss.Hansani and Miss.T’arn while others exploring the challenging experiences. Children loved to climb on the soft blocks, sliding on the slide, walking and climbing on the beam and ride the bicycles. Our little sand pit is becoming more popular in our outdoor yard.

Then we explored the indoor activities a bit. Children enjoyed playing with the animals, shake sensory bottles, push the trucks round the yard, puzzles and stacking the rings and the shapes.

Before the lunch, we headed to the big obstacle courses yard to explore some more challenging experiences as we have noticed that all our babies are enjoying climbing. Children had such a great time in the big yard engaging with all the obstacle courses.

Have a good day…