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Good Afternoon Babies 2, it has been such a great day. Today the children enjoyed a yummy morning tea, The children ate all of it. Everyone is doing an amazing job sitting at the table for meal times, they even grab their chairs and take them to the table when they know its morning tea/lunch or afternoon tea time.

Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani created a dinosaur world in the sensory/ water table. Using sand, bark and warm water. They added Dinosaurs to the sand and bark areas. Sharks, whales and dolphins to the water. The children were so excited and went straight over to observe what was in there. Some of the children started to make “RA!!” noises while holding the dinosaurs up in the air. Tairongo picked up some sand and put it into the water to make a muddy consistency. The children began to pick the wet sand up and squeeze it in their hands, feeling the different texture between their fingers.

Tairongo, Finley, Noah and Thomas were sitting on the boat seesaw, Miss T’arn started to rock them and sing “Row row your boat” when Miss T’arn stopped singing Noah said “Row Row.” Our babies 2 friends are doing an amazing job at communicating what it is they want/need. They are using so many words now!! It’s AMAZING!!!

Thank you for an amazing day!!! Have an awesome evening!

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani xx