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Jingeri families,

Another great day in our new Babies 2 room, and we are all settling in beautifully. As we get to know each other and get to know our space, we can begin to form the relationships upon which our year ahead will be based.

We began with a full house today as our three regulars Finely, Noah and Indi were joined by Bentley from Babies 1. This amounted to a fun filled morning of exploring and adventuring together. Sharing is a new and interesting experience, and something that we will work on throughout the year.

You will hear me refer to our learning outcomes regularly in the communications to come. These are the guidelines set out for educators in the Early Years Learning Framework, which are used as a base to structure our learning objectives for the children. They are published in a Queensland Government document called “Belonging, Being, & Becoming” to be used as a tool to give educators strategies to improve skills and outcomes, but i feel it is also necessary to reflect on the intention of the title since it is the purpose of our job here. To offer the children a place where they belong and feel safe, where they can just be and relax, and a space which offers them the diverse experiences which will allow them to become anything their heart desires.

So as we move forward this week, we will create a sense of belonging so that we can be in the present while we prepare to become the future. I am excited for our journey.