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Good Afternoon! We have had such an amazing morning in babies 2 today. We were able to use Toddlers playground in the morning. Finley, Tairongo, Noah, Cameron, and Thomas were so excited. They all tried climbing up the ramp to the bridge. When the reached the top of the ramp and looked at the rope bridge they were unsure and a bit nervous to go in it. Noah climbed onto the bridge but got back off. Finley put his foot on and then climbed back down the ramp. Cameron felt the bridge with his hands and decided he did not want to try the bridge, same with Thomas and Tairongo. Miss Yena and her friends in Babies 3 joined us out in the toddler yard. Her friends were a bit more confident when climbing the rope bridge. Noah and Tairongo watched on as they climbed the bridge. They then both tried again and did it!! They were both so proud of themselves!! Cameron enjoyed the trucks outside and pushed them around the big Toddler yard. Finley liked the truck and using the steering wheel. Thomas enjoyed the swing. What a fun morning, developing our Gross Motor Skills and building our confidence!


Max and Skyla enjoyed exploring the classroom after lunch. Max found the trains and train track and Miss Jordan helped him build the track. Skyla found our class books and was looking at the pictures. Skyla loves to pull all the stuff out of the baskets and put them on the shelves.

Group Times

Miss Lilly say songs to the children while they were sitting at the table waiting for lunch to be served up. Thomas, Finley, Noah, and Max copied her actions. “Rock a bye a bear” “head, shoulders, knees and toes” “twinkle twinkle little star”.

What I enjoyed today

Finley, Tairongo, Noah, Thomas, and Cameron really enjoyed exploring the toddler yard. Skyla and Max enjoyed some quiet time in the classroom exploring all the toys.