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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

The children have had a great day today!! We had a busy morning getting ready for our photos today!! The children looked super adorable in their photo outfits!!! After photos were finished we went through to the Babies 3 yard to play with our Babies 3 friends. The children enjoyed all the fun things to do outside today. Thomas, Noah and Finley went straight to the seesaw together. They were rocking up and down while Finley sang “seesaw seesaw seesaw” it was so nice to see them smiling and playing together. Halle and Liz practiced their balancing on the stepping spots and climbing logs. Cameron enjoyed pushing the trolley and reading books with Finley and Noah. Max spent most of the morning in the sandpit playing with his friends from Babies 3. Noah and Thomas were so excited when they seen their friend Avery who is spending the day in Babies 3. They were giving her such big cuddles when they seen her, They were saying “Hey!!” We had so much fun outside with our friends!! After so much fun outside we came inside to get ready for lunch and a sleep, the children were telling Miss T’arn they were ready for lunch by signing “eat.” It is amazing to see the children use the sign language to let us know what they need when they can’t find the words to let us know. Well Done my friends!! Thank you all for another beautiful day! 

We will see you all in the morning!! 

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope! ♥♥