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Welcome to babies 2,

This morning we Welcomed, Tairongo, Max, Finley, Noah, Thomas, Halle, Liz and Cameron with big smiles and cuddles. Everyone settled in so well this morning and were ready to start the day. Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani opened the doors for some indoor/outdoor play before we sat down for our yummy Morning Tea.

Today is National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day. To celebrate this day we sat down together outside and created a big piece of craft using leaves, sand, bark, and flowers. Miss Hansani helped the children put the glue onto the page and demonstrated how to stick the natural pieces onto the paper. Everyone did an amazing job.

Tairongo, Finley, Noah, Thomas, Cameron, and Max enjoyed a play in the Toddler Yard while the Toddlers were inside. They all get so excited when we get to go for a play in there. They ran around the yard started climbing, digging in the sandpit, trying to ride the big bikes and playing with hula hoops. Tairongo and Finley also asked Miss T’arn for bubbles.

All our children are starting to use so many words now, especially saying their names and their friend’s names!! They put to their friends and say their name. They have also been telling us what food they see on their plate. “banana” “corn” “cake” is just some. Its so great to hear all the new words they are using!!

All the children love seeing all their artwork go onto the walls and get extremely excited when they see new artwork so we have taken photos of all our art displays in our classroom and I will attach the photos to this blog so you can all see what your children have created. I know it is so hard in these Corona Virus times and you not being allowed in the classroom you all don’t get to see what amazing artwork they have created. I think this is a nice way for you all to see what we have been up to and the changes in our room!

Have a Great evening everyone!!

Much Love Always, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani xx