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Good afternoon babies 2!

We have had such a great day today. Miss Jena brought us in a slide that was given to us from one of the Kindergarten children! Thank you so much, all the children had so much fun climbing up the steps and going down the slide! Finley, Jackson, Max, Elliana, Tairongo and Cameron couldn’t get enough of the slide. Up, Down, Up, Down. Laughing and smiling at each other. This was a great slide that we could use outdoors and can bring inside when it is raining like today and use on the mat. When the children got to the top of the slide Miss T’arn would count “1, 2, 3!!!” and they would slide down. We would all clap and cheer for each child after their turn!

Miss Hansani continued on with some painting for reconciliation week. Today Finley, Jackson, Tairongo and max did Finger painting. They painted Kangaroos and lizards using Black, Yellow and Green. Miss Hansani told the children what each colour was as she gave it to them. Finley asked Miss Hansani “what’s that?” when she showed him the paint and Jackson showed interest when he said “wow”.

children have been choosing to play outside in the afternoon while having some nice and fresh air. so we set up our yard with some experiences as they love to demonstrate their gross motor skills. Finley, Jackson and Tairongo enjoyed the obstacle courses, steps and the tricycles. Elliana and Max loved to engage with some singing while everyone else was busy with the trucks and tricycles.

We have had such a great day today! We will see you all tomorrow!

Miss T’arn & Miss Hansani x