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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

We have had such a great day, we have been so busy doing lots of activities today. After morning tea we sat down to put on our hats and sunscreen. Miss T’arn set up some water play for the children to enjoy some splashing. It was beautiful weather to spend some time outside. All the children enjoyed splashing in the water with their hands. Finley and Max wanted to put their feet in the water for a different sensory experience so we filled a bucket and put it on the floor so they could stand in the water. They both said “cold” when they put their feet in the water. After having lots of fun outside in the water we came inside to do some activities. Miss T’arn blue tacked some paper to the floor and gave the children a box of crayons. Liz was so excited she was drawing on the paper before we could even stick it to the floor. Finley was collecting all the red crayons and putting them in a line, when Miss T’arn asked Finley what colour he has, he said “red!” Then we noticed he was collecting all the black crayons. Finley had lots of fun naming each colour as he picked them up. Max was carrying the box of crayons around to give to his friends. Miss T’arn did some drawings with the kids as she sang nursery rhymes. She drew pictures that matched the song and the children were pointing to the picture and saying what it was i.e. “wheels on the bus” and she drew a bus. Then the children were colouring over her drawings. Bella-Rose had such a wonderful second day with us. She enjoyed some water play and came to join in drawing when she was comfortable. The children all enjoyed a group time singing lots and lots of nursery rhymes before having a big yummy lunch and nap!!

Next Wednesday is Miss Shanaya’s last day with us before she goes on Maternity leave to have her beautiful baby boy, to enjoy her last day with her we will all be wearing the colour BLUE!! Please feel free to dress your children up in BLUE next Wednesday!!

Thank you so much friends for a wonderful day!! We will see you all tomorrow.

Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥