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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!! We have had a great day today. We have been super busy with lots of activities today! Due to the raining weather this morning Miss T’arn borrowed some activities from Toddlers 2 for the children to inside. They were all so excited to see what Miss T’arn brought back for them. She came back with 2 baskets, one filled with bells and other musical toys and one filled with farm animals. The children loved shaking the bells and creating lots of noise, everyone was laughing, dancing and shaking the bells! This was so much fun and was a great way to start the morning and get ready for the day. After having so much fun exploring the toys from Toddler 2 we all packed away, everyone was so good at helping, and got ready for morning tea. 

After Morning Tea we sat down on the mat together to read “The Ugly Duckling.” We have noticed the difference in the children from when we first read it on Monday. They are all so excited to sit on the mat and use amazing listening ears so they can hear the story, but they also know what is coming up in the book eg. The animal that will be on the next page. They are also understanding the words and emotions that are happening in the book. We seen the children really feeling the ugly ducklings feelings when the animals are telling him to go away, and not saying nice things. Thomas asked Miss T’arn to read the book again after she first read it. They are starting to really enjoy the book and are connecting with the story and participating. They love to yell out the animals they see on the pages and make the sounds they make. This is lots of fun! 

The weather cleared a little bit before we had some lunch so we went outside to enjoy a little bit of fresh air before rest time! 

Thank you all for a great day! 

♥♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hope ♥♥