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We have had such a fun filled day today in the Babies 2 room!!! Miss T’arn brought the kids inside and turned on the Christmas Carols to get everyone ready for all the Christmas fun we had planned. We had to finish of some of our surprise Christmas stuff and also started to paint some Christmas trees!! They are looking so beautiful. Miss T’arn set up some inside Christmas water play!! We had too big containers filled with water, we added some green colouring to one bucket and red to the other. We also added green and silver glitter to both. The children had so much fun playing in the water. Bella-Rose, Halle, and Liz loved splashing the with their hands and were laughing when it splashed their faces. Finley and Max wanted to feel the water on their feet so they were standing in the buckets and stomping their feet. Jackson, Avery, and Cameron were trying to collect the glitter from the water and enjoyed some splashing. After a very busy morning inside with so many fun activities the children helped Miss T’arn and Miss Hope clean up the water using towels. We went outside to do some climbing and have a run before lunch and sleep time. Halle and Avery were having so much fun playing peek-a-boo on the Pikler triangle. Avery one underneath and Halle at the top, they would reach for each other and then laugh. We had such a busy morning and were super tired after lunch!! All the children are enjoying a well deserved nap!!

Thank you all for such a beautiful day!!

♥♥Much love Miss T’arn and Miss Hope♥♥