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Hello Babies, 3 families

Our day began in our outside environment, Halle, Avery, Liz, Delilah, and August enjoyed some water play, knocking down the soft block towers, the sandpit.

We came inside for a short play before morning tea., Delilah, Avery and Augie gravitated over to the doll tea party where they demonstrated their role-playing skills by feeding the babies their mild. Avery picked up a hairbrush and began brushing dolly’s hair. Liz investigated the farm animals holding up the pig to show Mel. Augie, Halle and Avery sat and built towers with the number cups We put on Baby Shark and all enjoyed a dance together. Liz doing, he actions twirling around and around. It was so much fun!!

It was time for morning tea, we cleaned up, washed our hands, and sat down at the table ready for yummy muffins and fresh fruit.

After we cleaned up, we found our hats and headed back outside for some group time, we all sat on the mat and Miss Mel read the “Colours” book to all her friends. We all did so well at practicing our listening and concentration book, engaged in the story. Avery stood up for a closer look, wanting to touch all the different textures of the book.

After group time we all played in the sandpit together building sandcastles and digging. While we were all engaged in play Miss Melinda took Halle, Delilah, and August inside one at a time to make a very special collage for mummy.

Just before lunch time we sat with Miss Vanessa we had a very special Chinese dragon to show all our friends as its Chinese New Year today, we all had a play and feel of the dragon, looking at all the bright beautiful colours, Miss Vanessa named all the colours we could see.

It was time to head inside and clean up to our “clean up” song, wash our hands and have some lunch. Augie and Liz enjoyed their bottles. Mel lowered the blinds; it was time to rest our bodies.

This afternoon we will do some more indoor/outdoor play of choice. Miss Mel will bring the bubble machine out and our wooden blocks so we can build towers together.

Don’t forget its Teddy Bears Picnic and Sweetheart Day tomorrow, bring your favourite teddy and wear PINK or Red with a gold coin donation to help raise money for all the brave heart warriors that live with Congenital Heart Defects.

We have had a wonderful day with all our little friends.

We will see you all very soon xxxxx