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Happy Monday, everyone!!

Before we start to talk about our day there is two things we want to share.

The first one is that today is our friend Delilah’s birthday! She is turning 2 and we are really happy to celebrate this day with her. Happy Birthday Delilah!!!! ♥♥

The second one is something we did on Friday afternoon and we want to share. Miss Vanessa used our box theatre to make a puppet show, and we absolutely love it! The theme was biting, better saying: not biting our friends! We got really interested, mostly Charlie, Luna and Augie. It was really fun. And, of course, after the show we loved to play with the theatre box until turn it into pieces.

About today, we started this peaceful raining day on the Babies 2 room, where we all played house together, and also explored the different toys around there. It`s always fun when we play along, and we’ve been doing this more and more. Luna was more friendly than usual today, and she played along the whole time. So cool.

Then, we got back to our room to have our morning tea together, but not before celebrating Delilah’s birthday singing “happy birthday to you”, giving her lots of cuddles, and, of course, playing a lot with the balloons.

And talking about balloons, since we’re focusing on colours this week, today’s colour was blue and we had much fun doing some balloon painting with the colour blue. Augie and Charlie said “Blue” When Miss Mel asked what colour we were using. We split in two groups to do that. Some of us started the balloon painting and the others were outside on a really interesting sensory activity with blue cellophane and marine animals. Luna loved the sensory activity, Delilah and Peyton were in love with the balloons, and Liz had heaps of fun painting. We all loved everything, to be honest. It’s really good that we can learn new things an have fun at the same time. Charlie and Avery were really good at saying and pointing the colour blue.

After that, was yoga time. We are more into yoga each week, and we all were really participative on Yoga today. Augie did all the activities and imitated a clock in a perfect way, and Halle really got into practicing her breathing with the colourful extending ball.  Yoga makes good to our body and always relaxes us.

After this fun playing we went inside to do our nappies, eat our lunch and off to bed to a deserved rest time.

Thank you everyone and see you tomorrow.

P.s: Tomorrow our colour will be Yellow we would love to see our little friends dressed in Yellow

Friday’s Puppet Show all about not biting our friends….


Todays photos….