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Hello, everyone!!

We started this beautiful day with our friends from Babies 2 room, where we all played house together, and also explored the different toys around there. Halle, Augie and Peyton were the firsts here, and we had much fun together while waiting for our other friends. When Liz arrived she soon got some shoes to put on. She looooves it. Avery arrived next and we all had water painting on the chalkboard until morning tea time.

We love the morning tea time. Every time we see the chef Laura we get so excited and start to yell ”morning tea!!!” Today was delicious again. We ate yoggi and cereal, and after cleaning up ourselves, we came back to play.

Since we are working with colours this week, today was yellow day. We got at our room in the morning and our table was full of all kind of yellow toys, so we could understand that “yellow” was the thing all those toys had in common.

After playing inside we went outside to a sensorial activity with yellow rice, oats sieve cups, funnels, yellow blocks, tractors and cars . Luna got so into it that she didn’t even want to finish the playing. Actually, we all really like it. Sensory activities are always so stimulating.

After that we split in two groups. Some of us stayed outside and ha free play while others got inside to do some collage work, with more yellow. We glued some yellow papers, glitter and sticks on a paper. It’s funny to glue things because we are still on our process to understand things attaching together. It’s really interesting. After the first group finished, we swap   places so everyone could have a go on gluing.

After this fun playing we went inside to do our nappies, eat our lunch and off to bed to a deserved rest time.

Thank you everyone and see you tomorrow.

P.s: Tomorrow our colour will be Green we would love to see our little friends dressed in Green, because it’s St Patricks day.

Xoxoxo, Miss Vanessa and Miss Mel