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Good morning families, welcome to Thursday in Babies 3.

Winston was our first little friend to arrive this morning, asking his mum for an apple as he walked through the doors when he spotted the yummy fruit bowl at reception. Winston and Mel sat down at the table together while he gobbled it all up.

Once Winston had finished, we headed over to Babies 2 where he explored home corner. Parker, Olivia, Bella and Valencia were next to arrive. It was a lovely sunny morning, so we all put our sunscreen on, found our hats and ventured outside to explore.

The Slide was very popular again this morning. Mel supporting and encouraging her friends to take turns. One by one Bella, Olivia, Daris, Winston and Parker slid down the slide as Mel said “ready, set, go!!!! We all shared lots of laughter together as some of us decided to slide down headfirst or backwards. Winston is loving our new fire engine bike/walkers he loves sitting on them, he even jumped into one of the prams, looking up at Mel smiling. Winston has just started to say Mel’s Name too. As he sat in the pram he yelled “Mel, Mel!!” You are so adorable Winston. You have really bonded with your new educators and settled into you new learning environment.

Olivia also enjoyed the fire engines this morning, sharing smiles with her educators and friends. Olivia is settling in beautifully too, no tears again today Olivia is feeling more confident in her new room.

Our friend Daris arrived and headed straight over to the soft blocks where he practiced his gross motor running and climbing over all the blocks. Valencia was enjoying sitting on the mat looking through some books. Isla arrived and was full of smiles for her educators as she began crawling around the yard. Mel found Isla’s hat, Isla looked at Mel with that beautiful smile and tried to hand the hat straight back to Mel. We will continue to encourage Isla to leave her hat on when playing outside.

It was time to head back inside to wash our hands and sit down at the table for our morning tea. However, Miss Nessa had set the table up last night with all our play food, cups and saucers. We rushed over and all had a pretend tea party, role playing and eating the yummy pretend food. Bella held the banana up and said “banana” looking at Mel.

Once our friends were finished and the play food began landing on the floor Mel asked her friends who was hungry? “Yay” Parker said. We packed away the tea party and brought out our yummy morning tea. This will fill your bellies!!

After we cleaned up, we enjoyed some free play inside. Winston, Valencia, Bella and Olivia all sat with the spinning toy, Mel encouraging her friends to take turns. The animals were popular this morning too. Winston held up the pig and made the piggy sound, scrunching up his nose. Olivia and Parker walked over to join their friends. Olivia could name the horse, the sheep, the cow and the Tiger. Mel asked Olivia what sound a tiger makes? Olivia roared!! Winston then also roared like a scary tiger. Parker also joined in naming the cow, pig and horse, “nah” she said has she picked up the horsey.

Isla spent time in home corner with Daris, admiring their reflections in the mirror, Matthew looked through some books and Bella was role playing using the telephone. Pawrker asked for “Baby Shark” one of our favourite songs!! We all danced, doing the actions together sharing fun and laughter while we spun, twirled and did all the actions.

We split into two groups. Some headed back outside to continue exploring while the others stayed inside for our craft activity. Continuing on with our babies’ interest since the Fire Engine visit on Tuesday today we planned to make our own fire engines using glue and different shapes. We then rotated.

Miss Nessa asked her friends if they could say fire truck. Valencia, Bella, Olivia and Parker all repeated “fire truck” Parker also said, “fire engine and Winston and Valencia kept repeating “fire, fire” Miss Nessa named all the different shapes as her friends were sticking them down onto their paper. Parker and Isla were a little unsure about having sticky fingers from the glue.

It was time to come back inside and help pack away all our toys. Mel played the “clean up” song as our friends did their best to help. Parker loves helping to pack away!!  We then washed our hands and sat down for lunch. Miss Nessa closed the blinds and played some soft relaxing music as our friends drifted off to sleep.

Apologies for no photos again today,  we are having technical difficulties again. We have printed them off and they will be located on the wall as you walk in the door on the right hand side. 

What a fun day babies!!!

See you all very soon.

Miss Melinda and Miss Ness