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Hello families, welcome to Tuesday in Babies 3.

Our morning began in the babies two room, as our friends arrived and were welcomed and settled in by educators Miss Mel and the children in the home corner together played peek-a-boo, hiding from miss mel and jumping out to shout “rawh” all while giggling. as the morning progressed and some more of our friends came along and we headed outside to play with the lovely obstacle course and the threading activity centre out on the verandah in Babies one yard before proceeded to our own yard to explore our familiar environment and proceed to paly with an array of activities from babies, large foam blocks, and the most popular activity the balancing beam, jumping up and down laughing and screaming with joy.

Bfore we headed inside to wash our  hands and enjoy our delicious morning tea Miss Mel brought outside some bubbles, the children shouting out “WOW!” as the bubbles come out of the wand and happily laughing as they touched our noses or chasing the bubbles in the breeze unto they POP and until the bubbles ran out.  As we headed inside to our newly changed around room to explore where all our toys are now located and for Miss Shae to arrive to help us pack away the room for us to eat Charlie said to shae “pack away, Clean up song time!!” as we all helped to pack away the toys and sat at the table together to eat and sing songs.

After eating our morning tea and washing our hands we headed back outside to participate in a group sensory “messy” play. combining dirt, sticks, rocks, branches, soil and bark with water to create a representation of the earth (collating with reconciliation week and the aboriginal flag that we painted yesterday), getting our hands and feet dirty and feeling at one with the earth, together making Lots of mess and loving every minute of it! as the children finish their experience miss Danica placed a large tub of water next to the mud tray to see what the children would do, Parker, Charlie, Luna, Winston, Valencia, and Halle all together proceed to not just submerge their hands but their whole bodies together laughing loudly and expressing their sadness when all the water was gone out of the tray signifying it was time to get changed and come inside to change our bottoms and keep warm before we had our lunch and headed to bed to rest up for this afternoons adventures before home time and our family time

We  hope you enjoy your evening Love Miss Mel and Miss Shae