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Hello babies’ 3 families,

We have had a busy day in babies 3 today. Our morning began in our room with toys of choice. Halle was first to arrive and greeted one of our new babies from Babies 1. Halle gave baby Bentley big smiles and wanted to pat and touch him. Avery sat at the table with the wooden blocks. Peyton chose to sit quietly and look through a book, later they stacked to blocks together. Charlie was chasing the light up ball around the room and Liz enjoyed cuddles with Miss T’arn.

For today’s activities Miss Mel planned Sensory bags filled with paint, glitter, feathers coloured paper and water for our babies to explore inside. Liz, Avery, Halle, Peyton and Charlie loved squishing the paint through the bag, Miss Melinda spoke about all the different colours we could see and the objects we could feel.

Outside Mel set up the soft blocks, Liz, Charlie, Halle, Peyton and Avery enjoyed knocking them over and stacking them back up again. It was lots of fun. While outside we had a short play as it was a very warm day. The prams were popular as was the slide.

We are doing so well practising our Self Help Skills. We are in a routine now where we wash our own hands after every nappy change and before every meal. Our babies are all showing increasing independence and are beginning to understand the routine. A lot of our babies are so keen they want to do it before a nappy change. they know to dry their hands and place the paper towel into the bin.

Thank you babies for a wonderful day.

Miss Melinda and Miss Otavia. xxx