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Hello friends and families. Welcome to Babies 3 day!

Today our day started with games of our choice. In our yard we choose to push each other inside trolleys. It is so fun to play along. Liz loved saying “Alo” on a toy phone. We also loved to sing

‘row row your boat” when sitting at the see-saw. Inside the room we sat together to play with colorful building blocks. Olivia, Peyton, Charlie, Avery demonstrated their building skills. Then we danced for the music “sleepy bunny”. One of our favourites to dance. Olivia and Charlie also sat down with miss Jade to read some books.

Our friend Valencia arrived in time for morning tea and joined all the girls. Today our class only has girls. Girl power!

After morning tea, we got together for a really cool activity that teaches us about the environment, conscience and patience. We sat down together to plant sunflower seeds in cotton. Miss Nessa showed us a photo of the sunflower so that we can understand what we are planting, but it was difficult to understand how that plant so big fits in such a tiny seed. Miss Nessa let each one of us, including our friends from babies 2, plant a little seed and water it with water. Let’s wait a few days to see the result. Hopefully our crops will have a good harvest, helping us the whole time. Was such a different experience.

After that, we joined the babies 2 friends for a science experiment made with milk, food coloring and cotton swabs with soap. We saw the mixture of colors in the bowl looking like magic. Miss Jess explained to us why those colors spread like that and we were able to try on them. Wow. Was really nice to seat around and wait patiently for our turn to go. Sometimes we wanted to go first, but then our educators teach us about sharing and taking turns and we are learning to respect that.

After that we followed our usual routine for lunch and nap time.

We miss Miss Mel again and hope she gets better soon.

In the afternoon we will receive our friend Winston and our friends Peyton and Avery are going to visit the toddlers 2 class again.

Thank you for reading and see you tomorrow.

Now is time to rest and we`ll wake up soon full of energy to keep on with our day.


Xoxo, Miss Nessa and Miss Jade.

, 28TH