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Hello dear friends and family of Babies 3,

We hope that your day was as nice as ours.

Our day started with our friends in the Babies 1 room, but quickly we went to our own room. Halle, Augie, Avery, Liz and Olivia sat at the table together for breakfast with the dolls while Miss Nessa showed and named the fruits and vegetables. Then each one went to explore the toys in the room independently. Olivia was very good at puzzles, and Halle built giant towers. Everyone loved the colorful geometric figures and Avery had a great idea: gather chairs and make a big bus. The dolls also came together as passengers, as did all of our friends and Miss Lais, who sang “the wheels on the bus” with them. We also sang “row row your boat” together because Liz was asking “row row”. Augie shared her creativity by redecorating the room, pulling the grass rug back and forth. I think the new decor looks amazing. Thank you Augie.

Valencia arrived and we had morning tea together. How yummy! After that it was time for Augie and Avery to venture out into the toddlers’ yard. Here it was time to move our little bodies and we joined the friends of Babies 2 for a dance class. We all got together in a huge line, looking like a centipede with several legs and we danced to the music of the bus. It was super fun.

When we return to our room, Miss Nessa and Miss Lais prepared an activity that is both artistic and sensorial: they put some color paint on a cardboard and cover it with plastic film so that we can squeeze the paints to form our painting. What a different feeling. Valencia liked it so much that she was the first to sit at the art table and the last to leave. Liz loved to press the paints but until now she couldn’t understand how her hands didn’t get dirty. Olivia teased every bit of her paper very calmly and patiently. Halle quickly found ways to open the plastic, and she loved not only pressing her painting like that of all her friends. What a funny girl.

After that we went to change nappies and clothes and get our friends Augie and ¬†Avery back. We organized our room to the sound of the “clean up” song and with calm music and low light we sat at our table to have lunch and after, have some rest.

Thank you for reading us, and see you next week.


Miss Nessa and Miss Lais.