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Hello Families,

Welcome to Tuesday in Babies 3.

We have had such a busy day today with lots of fun Easter activities planned.

Our morning began in our room with toys of choice, home corner was very popular, Peyton and Avery and Halle were busy washing the fruit and vegetables, Charlie joined them when she arrived. Charlie also sat and looked through an Easter book with Miss Mel. Halle painted the chalk board with water.

Mel placed the Easter bunny’s footprints on the floor, Peyton, Charlie and Halle where fascinated, stepping on them and moving them around the room.

We welcomed a new little friend today; Theo joined the babies 3 family. Theo was a little unsure initially however after morning tea he soon began exploring. Theo became very excited when Mel asked who wanted to go outside? Mel had a sensory tray full of plastic Easter eggs, coloured rice, carrots, chickens, paper, sieve cups and scoops for all our babies to explore and use their fine motor skills scooping the rice up. It was lots of fun.

After the activity, our friends enjoyed free play. Theo loved pushing the mower around the yard. We also enjoyed running races, giggling with our friends and educators.

While outside Miss Mel brought two babies in at a time for an Easter art experience, with the choice of a Easter bunny mask or a bunny on a stand to decorate. Using pink and yellow paint and cotton buds all our friends loved dipping the cotton bud into the paint over and over, swirling and dabbing it all over their bunnies to make a special surprise to take home.

The Easter Bunny was here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, wow some of our friends were sooo excited. Luna loved the Easter bunny giving him so many cuddles. Avery went up to him and said hello and to receive her special Easter egg. Charlie was unsure and gave Mel lots of cuddles, she was quick to say, “bye Easter Bunny!!” as he was leaving. Theo, Augie, and Peyton watched from a distance and Miss Emma handed out their special eggs.

Once the Easter Bunny left, we cleaned up the room. Mel lowered the blinds and put on some soft music while we enjoyed our yummy lunch. We all settled on our beds enjoyed our bottles and drifted off for a nice long nap.

We have had a lovely day today, lots of Easter fun!!!

See you all very soon.

♥♥ Miss Melinda and Miss Laise xxxxxx ♥♥